5 Landscaping Design Ideas To Increase Your Home’s Value

Landscaping design can play a big role in improving the curb appeal of your home. You don’t need to be always looking to increase your home’s value to enhance your landscape. Some great ways to improve your home’s curb appeal include trimming down overgrown plants, maintaining the lawn, and giving a refresh to the facade. At Barron Landscaping, we have some valuable landscaping design ideas for you to give your home’s curb appeal a more updated and refreshing look and feel.

1. Keep it simple.

Follow these simple tips to make your potential buyers, visitors, and onlookers get awed by your landscape:

  • Remove all wilting or dead plants
  • Prune overgrown plants and low tree branches
  • Transplant crowded plants to more spacious areas of the yard so that they can mature to their full size

If you want to put your house on the market, remember that purchasing a house is already an overwhelming process for potential buyers. You don’t want potential buyers to get overwhelmed by the thought of having to clean up all the overgrown plants and trees.

2. Maintain your lawn to keep it healthy.

Your lawn plays the most important role in your landscape’s looks. Take care of overgrown weeds, grass, and dead spots, because they are capable of bringing down your home’s value. The good thing about lawn care is that it doesn’t cost you a fortune to maintain. 

You can get a landscaping company to:

  • Mow regularly
  • Follow a fertilization schedule
  • Keep the lawn watered

3. Embrace Xeriscaping.

Xeriscaping is a process that involves removing certain parts of the lawn and installing organic mulch and specific plants. It is a low-maintenance landscape design that also focuses on reducing the need for gas-powered equipment. It is recommended to adopt this method for your front yard while retaining the backyard lawn. You can create a more modern look with this theme.

4. Create a low-maintenance landscape

It is highly recommended to invest in a low-maintenance landscape. It can improve your home’s curb appeal, lower your cost of maintenance, and increase your home’s value. Consider the following points:

  • The only care rock gardens require is replacing stray rocks
  • Xeriscaping and succulent gardens need very little watering
  • Plant perennials, as they don’t require much maintenance

5. Let your plantscape create natural privacy.

When adding privacy to your property, you don’t have to block out the entire yard from view. You can create a private area by choosing shrubs like cherry laurel and evergreen sumac. Use windscreens and outdoor curtains to block the patio as and when needed. 

At Barron Landscaping, we can assist with creating the perfect landscape of your dreams. We have over a decade of industry presence and our team has many decades of combined experience. We are strongly committed to customer satisfaction, and we provide our services to both residential and commercial clients throughout San Antonio, Texas. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us at (210) 980-5695 or write to us.