5 Signs Your Trees are in Need of Trimming

Tree maintenance is an essential, ongoing process. While there are times of the year when trees need to be trimmed, there are some signs that indicate that a tree needs immediate maintenance. So, what are the most significant signs that your trees are in need of trimming? At Barron Landscaping, we would like to share information on 5 such signs.

i. Broken Branches.

When you have hanging or bowing branches, they should be pruned immediately. You don’t want to let a branch, which is hanging by a splinter, create any safety risk. It is recommended to visually inspect your trees after a storm to ensure there are no unstable branches. 

Broken, bowing, or splintering branches are weak and likely to break at any time. Timely removal of such branches will prevent them from falling on a visitor, family member, or employee.

ii. Branches that Become Weak.

Not every weak branch is broken or diseased. The following factors can also make the branches weaker:

  • Overcrowding of branches
  • Branches crossing in different directions

This can cause certain branches and leaves not to receive enough sunlight. They are more likely to bow and break more easily. It is recommended to trim them before they can break in the future.

iii. When the Trees become Misshapen.

If you notice misshapen trees on your property, you should get them professionally inspected. These are trees growing the wrong way. There are a number of reasons you should trim misshapen trees:

  • The uneven weight distribution can cause potential property damage
  • The branches can break or get splintered

Misshapen trees need regular pruning and maintenance to help encourage new growth. Besides, timely and professional trimming should also cause your tree to grow in an ideal shape.

iv. Diseased or Dead Limbs.

When dead or diseased limbs are trimmed in time, you will be preventing potential damage to your property. It can also prevent the disease from spreading to other parts of the tree and to other trees. If you notice any signs of tree health issues, you should get it trimmed.

Dead parts or branches are also signs of a pest problem. Some common signs of a diseased tree include:

  • Unusual lack of leaves
  • Cracks on the branch
  • Spots on the branch

Timely trimming can help save the tree, your property, and people.

v. Branches Getting Close to Power Lines.

When the branches grow close to utility lines, you should have the tree trimmed. If you have trees growing close to power lines, make sure they get more frequent professional inspections. 

Besides, branches growing over or near the roof or other structures should also be trimmed. It is always recommended to let the experts take care of these issues. 

Your trees will also need trimming after a storm. It is recommended to have the trees on your property inspected every time you have a storm. Beyond these five signs, it is best to have your trees trimmed every winter and spring. For more information and tips on landscape maintenance, it is recommended to contact Barron Landscaping. You can give us a call at (210) 980-5695 or send us a message.