5 Tips for Summer Sprinkler Maintenance in San Antonio, Texas

When you think of Texas summers, you visualize enjoying picnics and poolside relaxation. It’s easy to overlook your sprinkler, as it badly calls for attention. Well, having a beautiful lawn requires adequate watering. A non-functional sprinkler system would lead to dry patches, and you wouldn’t love those brownish blotches around your lawn.

With the summer months around, it’s time to hire professional landscapers for sprinkler maintenance. At Barron Landscaping, we install robust sprinkler systems and ensure timely maintenance for our clients. With professional assistance from our end, you’ll never have your plants susceptible to damage.

How to maintain your sprinkler system in summer?

A fully-functional irrigation system ensures consistent penetration of water from the sprinkler into the soil. This significantly reduces water runoff and wastage.

Have a look at these summer sprinkler maintenance tips from our experts.

  • Timing the irrigation perfectly

On average, the water requirement for a healthy lawn is a little more than one inch per week. A well-maintained sprinkler should irrigate this volume in 15 minutes. Depending on the plants you have, our experts monitor your system to adjust the timing and intensity of flow.

  • Ensure accurate programming

With the onset of summer, you need to get your sprinkler system reprogrammed. Our landscapers adjust the watering schedule, given that your lawn would need more water compared to spring or winter months. 

Besides, different plants in your garden have their unique irrigation requirements. Some parts of the garden might be in the shade, while other plants receive direct sunlight. Factoring in all these variables, we program the sprinklers accurately to address your irrigation needs.

  • Installing rain sensors

On average, San Antonio receives 30 inches of rain per year. To help your sprinkler system adjust its irrigation, we recommend installing a freeze or rain sensor. This ensures that the system won’t be irrigating your lawn following a shower. In case the air temperature reaches 32 degrees F, the irrigation system would automatically shut down. This would prevent water wastage in your lawn.

  • Check for leaks and carry out zone tests

Being professional landscapers, we recommend timely inspection of your sprinkler system as a part of your maintenance schedule. Skilled experts working with us carry out zone tests and check the system for possible leaks. 

For instance, if we detect excessively dry spots or puddles, your system might have a misplaced sprinkler head or leak. Usually, we use irrigation cement to fix these leaks. 

  • Get your irrigation system audited

We highly recommend getting the sprinkler system in Texas audited at least once during the hot months. Being a certified irrigation contractor, we carry out this inspection for our clients.

Our experts would inspect the pipes and ensure accurate water pressure. They would also take care of the irrigation system layout for optimal functioning.

Seek professional sprinkler maintenance services

Now that you know how vital the health of your sprinkler system proves to retain the green cover on your lawn, reach out to certified professionals for scheduled maintenance. At Barron Landscaping, we specialize in sprinkler maintenance and inspection during summers.

Reach out to us on (210) 980-5695 and schedule a consultation. You may also furnish your details through this contact form, and our professionals will get back soon.