Is Summer a Good time for Sod Installation in South Texas?

The visual appeal of your lawn largely defines your aesthetics and the value of your property. When you think of aesthetics, you’d be wondering whether to install sod in the summer months in South Texas. A carefully landscaped lawn can significantly transform your outdoor space.

At Barron Landscaping, we continue to be one of the pioneering landscaping professionals in your city. With years of experience in sod installation, we ensure accurate leveling and preparation of the surface. Naturally, our clients love these beautiful grass surfaces that last long and deliver value to their investment. So, if you are planning to transform your lawn or garden into a graceful green carpet, we bring you cost-effective and durable solutions.

Should you install sod in the summer months?

Summers in South Texas are ideal for sod installation. Particularly, St. Augustine sod grows best between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Professional landscapers recommend laying Augustine sod between spring and late summer. So, you can hire our sod installation services throughout the summer months.

With the sun shining brightly, this particular sod thrives well in South Texas. Although St. Augustine can withstand shade, the lack of sunshine leads to thinning. This ultimately affects the health and appearance of your lawn.

Since it’s quite challenging to grow St. Augustine sod from seeds, most property owners prefer hiring professional landscaping companies.

Why is summer a good time for sod installation?

Texas summers are pretty hot, with the average temperature hovering over 88 degrees F. Naturally, the grass needs more water during this time, which evaporates faster. However, the warm temperature and full sun nurture the sod, which grows firm in just a couple of weeks. Therefore, installing sod in the summer months ensures a solid root formation in a quick time.

Considering benefits like fast root formation and rapid growth, summertime is ideal for sod installation. Hiring a professional landscaping company like us would see you through the challenges.

Tips to grow your sod in summer

 Installing sod in the summer months requires adequate watering. We recommend these guidelines to our clients to keep the newly installed sod in good health.

  • Start watering your lawn immediately after installing the grass. For larger surface areas, we recommend watering the grass in small sections rather than waiting for the entire surface to be covered.
  • Although your lawn should remain moist, make sure not to overwater the grass. This would make the sod susceptible to diseases.
  • Water the grass twice a day at least. The morning and afternoon hours are ideal for watering the sod. 
  • It’s imperative to use the right quantity of water, since we don’t recommend deep puddling. You simply need to keep the soil well-saturated.
  • To ensure healthy rooting, fertilize the lawn at the recommended interval.

Hire our professional sod installation services

Growing healthy grass on your lawn calls requires much more effort than installing the sod. What about being specific about fertilizers and mowing techniques? 

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