When Should You Consider Sod Installation?

At Barron Landscaping, we are often asked about the best time to install sod. When you know the right time, it helps create a thriving, beautiful yard. It can be installed at different times of the year, depending on a number of factors. While fall is usually seen as the ideal time of the year, sod can be laid almost any season. Still, it is important to know the different factors that affect this process.

The Best Season To Lay Sod

While late summer and early fall are generally considered the best times of the year for sod installation, you can lay them down almost any time of the year. When the right steps are followed for turf and sod preparation, sod grass can also be planted in early spring. It is indispensable to create an environment that allows the root system to establish itself before the temperatures start rising.

Factors To Consider

At Barron Landscaping, we suggest consideration of the following factors when it comes to sod installation:


Weather is still the most significant factor here. When laying the sod, it is important to ensure the temperatures are not extreme. Extremely high or low temperatures impact the sod’s ability to develop roots. The ideal time to lay the sod is late summer through early fall. 

  • Make sure the soil has been properly prepared
  • A well-prepared soil ensures that the sod can thrive to its optimal levels
  • It is recommended to seek the help of professionals when laying sod


Avoid sod installation around heavy rain, because the water can cause it to rot. On the other hand, a lack of adequate rain can cause the sod to dry out. A light drizzle is alright, but the installation should be avoided in and around heavy rain. Follow these tips when installing sod during the rainy season:

  • Make sure the old sod is removed
  • Add extra soil to absorb the excess amount of moisture
  • Avoid foot traffic
  • Use wooden stakes or anchor the sod

Lawn Maintenance

Next, you should also consider your lawn. If there is excess dead grass or weed, make sure they are removed before the sod is planted. It is recommended to take these steps when preparing your lawn:

  • Remove all weeds
  • If there are any sunken areas on your lawn, make sure to fix them to prevent drainage problems
  • Run a soil test to ensure the soil has all the essential nutrients in proper balance

Your choice of sod grass is also a significant factor. Choose something that is suited for your landscape and local area conditions and environment.

It is important to realize that sod installation is a technical process and requires the right knowledge, skills, and equipment. It is best to seek professional help when installing sod. At Barron Landscaping, we have combined experience of several decades in installing sod in San Antonio, Texas. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us at (210) 980-5695 or write to us.