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There are many companies around that offer sod/ grass installation but there are only a few professional grass installers. We take the time to prepare groundworks that drain well and are a stable platform for us to lay our high end grass products.

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So, if you want to invest in sod and grass installation that will add value to your property and is built to last, Barron Landscaping is the choice of quality. As experts with years of installation experience, we know that creating the right foundations for laying and installing grass is crucial, as this will ensure correct leveling, placement and durability of your new grass surface. As a premier installer in the San Antonio and surrounding areas, our teams of professionals use only the highest quality materials and carefully honed skills to ensure a perfect lawn fit.

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Having a new lawn is almost the same as having a virtually maintenance free garden. Cleaning can be easily done and weeds can simply be removed by using a leaf rake or a garden broom. You can now spend less time maintaining your garden and more time enjoying it.

With our hig
h quality grass installation service, you can now enjoy a perfect-looking lawn all year round without worrying about weeding, mowing, and even high water bills! Sod installation is appropriate for travelers and other individuals who lack the time for lawn care, but still want to enjoy the lush green. It is also very pet and child-friendly.

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Here at Barron’s Landscaping, we are also committed to providing the best sod and grass on the market, coupled with excellent service. Our design and installation team will devise the perfect new grass solution for any location. We pride ourselves on delivering market-leading quality, superb value, and unrivaled service. We use only the highest-quality products and provide you with a natural-looking lawn that will last for many years to come. If you would like to arrange a meeting with our Sod/ Grass Installation team or if you’d like advice from someone who knows about our grass installation, then please contact us and we will endeavors to help you in every way possible.

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You’ll never be disappointed with our service. With us, you can be assured of a realistic and flawless lawn regardless of the weather. Barron Landscaping guarantees that each job is delivered promptly and that every customer is satisfied. Our valued clients enjoy the service we provide from the initial discussions all the way through the completion of the project. We provide a full installation service. To achieve the highest standard of appearance and to ensure your grass maximises its lifespan, a quality installation is essential.

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